beyond leftovers – what was left behind

Today I was brave enough to look in the vegetable drawer. And the boxes from the last week of the CSA – sitting in the cool of the garage.

I don’t know about you, but I never get through a big party or holiday meal without completely forgetting to serve something.

There were still a few things left. In fact, I found nearly two pounds of mushrooms – half shiitake, half cremini – that were supposed to be in the gravy, but then, this delicious vegetarian gravy was the one I made, and it used dried mushrooms.

There were three bottoms/bulbs from butternut squash. I use the long necks for my gratin, mandoline-d into perfect paperthin rounds. One of the four bulbs had already become the most delicious scone I’ve ever made – Butternut Squash Sage Scones.

Two slightly wrinkled fennel bulbs.

Russets, red skinned, Yukon golds, Beauregard sweet potatoes. I didn’t worry about the potatoes. Chanukah, and latkes, are just around the corner. But what to do with these other odds n ends?

I remembered this terrific post from Not Derby Pie, and her take on the Mushroom Conserva from Thomas Kellers ‘Ad Hoc At Home.’ Done and done. Now I have three pints of mushrooms for pizzas, pastas, sandwich condiment. It’s delicious and easy.

Before Thanksgiving, knowing I would need vegetable stock, I made this fantastic vegetable bouillon from Jennifer Perillo. I had everything I needed for a warming soup on this Monday evening. Paired with grilled cheese sandwiches (leftover challah, leftover Appalachian Tomme cheese, leftover cranberry sauce) it was a perfect dinner.

Well, it would have been more perfect if I had taken a picture.

Feel virtuous after all those pies.

Until tomorrow – when I’ll be making crab cakes with the crab I forgot to make into dip.

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  1. When Miss Chef started working in professional kitchens, we joked that soups were one of the “garbage cans” of an efficient chef. They’re great for using up random leftover bits.

    (Bread puddings were another good one, to use up old fruit.)

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