My Favorite Stuffing & Homemade Challah

Working to get things ready for Thanksgiving, today, I focused on the stuffing. I don’t know about you, but stuffing is integral to my Thanksgiving plate. It’s what catches the gravy. It’s what you snack on, right out of the fridge, while you stare at the contents wondering what to eat next. Stuffing the morning after, fried up a little, with an egg on top? Oh lordy.

Right around a year ago, Food52 had a contest for “Your Best Thanksgiving Stuffing.” and I entered my challah stuffing – it’s vegetarian, buttery and herb-filled. While it was selected as a finalist, another meatier stuffing prevailed. Nevertheless, the most exciting part of this whole contest? Definitely when Amanda Hesser and Merrill Stubbs – the founders of Food52 – joined Al Roker on the Today Show and they all made the two finalist stuffing recipes!

I was so excited I almost passed out when I heard “Mrs. Wheelbarrow.” But even more wonderful were the comments and reactions I heard in the coming weeks, as friends and strangers alike tried my stuffing recipe.

The secret to this stuffing is in the bread. You must use a good challah. I make my own, but you don’t have to. To prepare for Thanksgiving today, locate a source for great challah and order two loaves for your holiday cooking.

One loaf will be perfect for your leftover turkey sandwiches. One loaf will be cut into cubes and made into this delicious stuffing.

And here’s the recipe for my homemade challah. It’s really heavenly.

Lots of stock.

30 thoughts on “My Favorite Stuffing & Homemade Challah”

  1. Well, I’m glad you did not pass out 🙂 Your challah looks gorgeous, as does the stuffing. I made a similar stuffing for Robyn Webb this past weekend but with the addition of chestunts and dried cherries. Is it Thanksgiving yet?

  2. I am the designated sutffing maker at my brother and sister-in-law’s and this was far and away the best stuffing I’ve ever brought to Thanksgiving dinner. I doubled the recipe and still there was not a speck left. I had happened upon some chanterelles so added those in. This year I will make three batches!

  3. The photo of the dough peeking out from under the kitchen towel is just darling. Okay, now I know the food is wonderful and love the recipe for the challah. Thx a million. Yum!

  4. I love those charnushka seeds on top of the challah. I make a gluten free challah recipe and with your inspiration I am going to convert my gluten free Thanksgiving stuffing recipe into a gluten free Thanksgiving recipe that uses challah! Thank you@

  5. You are a media star!!!! When are you writing that cookbook? I think you have inspired me to make some challah. I made it several years ago, but it splatted a bit. Maybe this time it will be more presentable.

    1. Ha! From your keyboard to Harper Collins’ ear… Great to hear from you Sasa. I’ve been watching your posts. You’re doing some seriously lovely cooking! Let’s cook together sometime, hm?

  6. Made the stuffing on Saturday night and received rave reviews. I substituted rosemary for thyme since I still had some in the herb garden.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  7. I’m making the challah right now! Hope it turns out! I have a question though. The ingredient list says there’s 7-8 cups of flour, and the instructions only have 6 1/2 cups. Is the rest of the flour added during the 10 minutes of kneading, or when you take it out and knead it by hand? I did the latter because it was SO soft and gooey instead of dough-like.

    1. It’s a very soft dough. The dough will take more flour, but if you can use less, it will be lighter. Either way, it’s going to taste great! So glad you made it.

  8. It’s that time of year again! Came across your recipe and was wondering – can you make it ahead of time and refrigerate it until you’re ready to bake it? Say, overnight?


    1. Hi Annie and happy Thanksgiving. Yes, you can make the stuffing ahead of time. I usually sauté the vegetables and hold those in one bowl, then mix with the bread and butter before baking. However, there’s no reason you can’t prep the entire baking dish the night before, if that’s easier. I often am fighting for space in the fridge that night before, so a zip bag of cooked veggies is easier to store!!

  9. Hi Mrs. W 🙂 Can the Challah loaves be frozen after they are baked? I have having my own dinner Sunday, so I want to get baking on a loaf for the stuffing now, but I won’t need the other for leftovers until next weekend 🙂


  10. I made this for Thanksgiving yesterday and my boyfriend said it’s the best stuffing he’s ever had. I think so too! It came out a little watery though. I think next time I’ll use less vegetable broth, unless you have a different suggestion.

  11. Can you estimate how many cups of bread you’re using? I’ll need to use an egg free bread, so the size of loaf will vary. Cups of cubes would really help, thank you

  12. I’ve been cooking long enough to know what I like. I know how I like stuffing….no carrots, no sage, no water chestnuts, no weird stuff, no preservatives, no chemically laden canned soups or herb mixes… I found this recipe and was intrigued….CHALLAH as the base??!? But I decided to give it a go because all the ingredients sounded yummy.

    First I made your challah recipe. I’ve been making challah for years now. I found the recipe well written and easy. The resulting challot were gorgeous. But they were very bland for my personal tastes. OK…so we ate one loaf on a Friday and then I made one pan of stuffing with the other and….

    …OMG that stuffing was AMAZING!! Exactly what stuffing should be for me! What I felt was the blandness of the challah on its own, allowed the other stuffing ingredients to really shine against the backdrop of the rich challah. SOOOO GOOD!

    Thanks for sharing. This will definitely be my to-go stuffing recipe from now on!

  13. I’m in the rising stage of this recipe and wondering what happened. I weighed out the flour and had to add four cups more because it looked like pancake batter. Hope this works. Let you know what happens.

    1. How did it turn out? How much flour did you add? I had to reread the recipe a few times as it has you add 2.5 cups at one point, and then later on has you adding an additional 4 cups. I still end up adding another cup or two to hit the right texture.

      1. Janice, it came out good. I really had to add another cup of flour to it when I was shaping it but it’s very good. I know all my measurements were right so I’m not sure what happened but all’s well.

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