bourbon + chocolate + pecans = cookie

Bourbon balls – love ’em or hate ’em. Really, there is no middle ground when it comes to boozy cookies. This I have learned after years of baking and giving. Me? I’m in the love ’em camp.

There is one secret to a good boozy cookie. Let them develop. They’ll be far less boozy on day one. On day three – it’s like a cocktail in cookie form, without bothering to go to your neighborhood bar.

I’ve used Martha Stewart’s Rum Ball recipe for years, but have developed a taste for bourbon lately, so decided to play around a little.

Result? *hic* Delicious. And after that citrus post, you’ll be thrilled to hear this takes about an hour from beginning to end. Use the very best bourbon you can.

These bourbon balls hold beautifully – for at least two weeks.

Since making these, I’ve been dreaming up other combinations – Creme de Menthe/Creme de Cocoa and crushed candy canes on the outside? Scotch and toffee? Gin and ??

And if you are craving a rum ball, just substitute excellent dark rum for the bourbon and roll in sanding sugar.

16 thoughts on “bourbon + chocolate + pecans = cookie”

    1. I’ll use whatever chocolate I have in the house – which could range from Baker’s to Ghiradelli to Scharfenberg to couverture. In this case, I used Ghiradelli.

  1. The recipe sounds delicious but I find myself facinated with that cute little measuring cup from which you’re pouring the bourbon. What brand is it?

    1. Sanding sugar is coarser than granulated and really sparkles. You can find it at exhorbitant prices at William Sonoma and Sur La Table. King Arthur sells it on their website at a slightly less exhorbitant price.

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  3. Great recipe! I made these for the holidays, following the recipe exactly and using Knob Creek bourbon. They were definitely a success at the party.

    I noticed that the recipe didn’t mention a yield, so I wanted to add that I ended up with about 60 balls, at 1″ or a little smaller.

  4. Delicious. I used Maker’s Mark.

    Once I’d rolled them, I put them in little foil cups and stowed the cups, single-layered, in plastic containers. Stacked them to refrigerate, which seemed handier than trying to fit a tray in my refrigerator.

    Thanks for a great recipe.

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