a year of canning begins, again

It’s been busy busy busy at the drafting table. And the keyboard.

I miss the kitchen, and this blog, and spending afternoons dreaming up recipes to share. I’m back designing gardens, with some lovely projects that are waking up my hibernating landscape mind. Just in time, as the snowdrops opened up last week.

But even more is on the horizon. Kim and I are working on a proposal – we want to tell the story of Charcutepalooza. It takes a lot of time and attention to do this well. A lot.

The reality around here? My mind is almost always on the book and not on dinner. I’m finding gems in the freezer. Pot pies and manicotti and soups made weeks ago are defrosted when I come stumbling out of the office at 6pm, dazed and hungry. We’re eating take out. We’re having breakfast for dinner.

Nevertheless, when I saw Champagne Mangoes at H Mart last weekend, there was no doubt I would find the time to put up a small batch of mango chutney. Finding the time to write a post about it? Not easy. Fortunately, here’s my post from last year. I am a creature of habit.

Don’t let Champagne Mango season pass without getting some of these jars in the larder. When you’re stumbling around at 6pm, mango chutney is the perfect addition to leftover roast chicken and last summer’s haricots verts, sauteed with shallots and finished with Meyer lemon.

I’ll be back soon, cooking up a storm. After all, the freezer is looking scandalously empty.

16 thoughts on “a year of canning begins, again”

  1. All your canning prowess definitely inspired me last year. I took a lovely class on it, and am ready to purchase all my canning stuff for this year. I can’t wait!

  2. Drat! I have H-Mart AND I am a canning addict. You big enabler you. You get me in so much trouble. Podchef has me buying a whole pig, Ruhlman has me buying a big spoon to poach eggs, and now you with the mangos. I wont even start on the nerousis that you started with the meat. The pig speaks for itself. Um, and the tattoo…

  3. Cathy keep writing because I can not wait to for it. I didn’t join Charcutepaloooza but will make a some with you all. I just finished making corn beef. I would of never have done that without you ladies.

    Mango chutney is now on my list. I am checking out the mangos this Monday. Thanks for inspiration yet again. Elizabeth

    1. I use it so frequently, I can this chutney in pint jars. It works just as well in half-pints – just process for 10 minutes in a boiling water bath.

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