pickle crazy

Look what I brought home from the market.

There has been a crazy lot of food preservation going on here. I’ve been squeezing in canning sessions between regular site inspections on a fun landscape project, and recipe writing (some new canning projects are coming.) Wearing these two hats has forced me to be organized, and focus on projects that can be accomplished with a very limited time commitment.

I made Luvey’s Eight Day Sweet Pickles, a ritual every Spring. It’s a project, but worth it. I hope this will be the year you try them out.

I marinated some baby artichokes using Melissa Clark’s video as a springboard for the ideas. These are not shelf stable, but they’ll last in the refrigerator for awhile. At the rate I’m adding them to everything but my breakfast cereal, they really won’t last that long.

I’ve got half sours brewing, and sauerkraut sauering. It’s very briny around here.

When I read this post from Winnie at Healthy Green Kitchen. I started to think about how pretty it would be to combine pickled vegetables in layers. I puzzled over the different vegetables requiring different types of treatment – blanching, brining! It was so fun to think about!

I was inspired – I wanted to preserve the color and fresh appeal of these pretty foods and I’m really happy with the way the combinations looked and tasted. These jars of quick pickles will be perfect hostess gifts for a weekend full of get-togethers.

What will you be pickling?

9 thoughts on “pickle crazy”

  1. Ya big trouble maker. Now I have to get started on pickles! I am growing watermelon radishes and now I know what I am going to do with a boatload of em. I love reading about your escapades. You have more energy than anyone I know!

  2. Wow, we’re still at the radishes and lettuce stage of the season….although my tomatoes and peppers now have flowers! This year I have to stock up on dilly beans, dill pickles, and sweet pickles. But all those mixed veggies look delicious. I guess I’ll be expanding my repertoire.

    Beautiful photos, as always.

  3. These look beautiful!! Since pickling is new to me I was wondering in the Pickled Snap Peas and Radishes if 1/2c. vinegar is enough liquid to cover for 2 pint jars? Can someone help before I try them? Thanks

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