A Spicy Cocktail – Jalapeno Margarita

When Monica Bhide put out a challenge to make up a spicy cocktail, I grabbed the opportunity to play with some of my favorite ingredients. I love to make up cocktails, and always greet dinner party guests with a new concoction. It gets the party started.

This concoction was inspired by one of my favorite new canning projects. Foodie with Family has a great blog, full of amazing recipes, and her Cowboy Candy has become an obsession. Rebecca warned me. She said I would join the forever club, and I’m ready to sign up. Once you’ve made the candied jalapenos, the leftover jalapeno syrup is awesome as a barbeque marinade. But something told me I could make something similar for a cocktail.

Welcome the Jalapeno Margarita. Flavored with a sweet, tart, spicy syrup, made with half cider vinegar and half sugar, I’m bringing the spirit of the Shrub to this cocktail. There’s a kick, sure, but it’s the Ancho Chili Powder salt rim on the glass that really makes this drink zippy.

For a non-alcoholic version, just blend three tablespoons of the spicy syrup in a tall glass filled with ice, topping with sparkling water. Garnish with a lime quarter dipped in the salty, chili rub. To enjoy, squeeze the lime and drop it in the drink. Ahhhh. So refreshing!

Cheers, Monica! Thanks for the fun, and the inspiration. Now I have a new cocktail to kick off the weekend.


13 thoughts on “A Spicy Cocktail – Jalapeno Margarita”

  1. Cathy: I can’t believe it! I was canning some jalapenos tonight (Jalapeno Rings with Honey from “Joy of Pickling”, hoping for a sweet pickle like I had bought at the farmers’ market. It wasn’t as sweet as I had hoped, but I processed them anyway. Then I logged on to your blog to get the recipe for Spicy Plum Sauce when there was your post and a link to Candied Jalapenos! This is it, the exact ingredients on the jar I bought at the market! Thank you so much, I was just about to search for a better recipe. I love your blog, and the second batch of Spicy Plum Sauce is cooking on the stove.

  2. We LOVED this spicy margarita on the 4th of July. It knocked our socks off! Our jalapenos were a little on the large side; so next time I’ll use less of them. 😉

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