corned beef hash. my way.

I adore corned beef hash. Truly love it. For years, my favorite diner breakfast has been corned beef hash with a poached egg. And if there is rye toast, I am even happier.

One thing can ruin it all. The dreaded green pepper. Don’t get me started. If you have had breakfast with me, it’s likely you’ve heard me quiz the wait staff – are there peppers in your hash? I give them a stern look, as if I might expire if even a teeny bit of green pepper were to cross my path. I scare them so much, they check with the chef.

Last year, when I made corned beef for Charcutepalooza, I made hash from the leftovers. I may have cried when it was all gone. Now, as a result of my Charcuterie Workshop over the weekend, I have a lovely piece of corned beef in the refrigerator. There really is nothing like homemade corned beef.  It’s not just for St. Patrick’s Day, even if that is just a few minutes away. So go ahead, give it a try? It is so much better than anything you might have had commercially.

It takes very little to make corned beef. The only thing you need is a non-reactive bowl or giant ziplock bag for brining, and a stockpot or pan large enough to simmer the brisket. Look for a five or six pound center cut brisket, it will cook evenly and slice nicely. Please buy good beef, grass fed, pastured, and from a farmer or butcher you trust. The quality of your corned beef is directly related to the quality of the meat you select.

Once you have the meat, it’s as simple as making a brine, adding pickling spice and letting the brisket hang out in the refrigerator for a week. Check this post for all the details on brining.

If you want your corned beef to retain a pink color, you will need to use nitrates, or Pink Salt.

After a week in the brine, rinse the meat really, really well. Simmer the brisket with more pickling spices until fork tender. Either serve warm with steamed or boiled or braised or roasted cabbage and carrots and any other root veg lying around.

If you prefer, chill the meat well, then slice it to make your own deli sandwiches. It’s rich. A five pound brisket will yield 3+ pounds of corned beef. Plan 3-4 ounces per person, which means nine to twelve servings. It freezes well, and holds in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

When you are ready for the perfect comfort food. The food that makes your belly smile. The food that screams put an egg on me. Here is the recipe for my favorite corned beef hash.

P.S. Spicy ketchup is the perfect condiment.



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  1. Last year I made corned beef during Charcutepalooza and was pretty amazed at the results. This year it’s now on the schedule for St. Patrick’s Day when I celebrate my grandfather and that portion of the Irish in me!

    I have no doubt it contributed to the best Reuben I’ve ever had…but hash sounds like a good option for this year and yours looks fabulous. Now that I know what to expect I’m even more excited.

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