Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Practical Pantry: Recipes and Techniques for Year Round Preserving (W. W. Norton)  November, 2014, Winner, 2015 Best Single Subject Cookbook, IACP


BRING IT (Washington Post Food column, ongoing)
*Yum Yum Coffeecake
*Herbed Challah Stuffing
*Cheese n Crackers
*Smokey Lentil Layered Salad
*Everybody’s Chili Verde
*Slab Pie

DIY (Washington Post Food column, 2014-2016)
*Curry Favor with your own jar of green
*How to make the cheese that squeaks
*How to squeeze, spiral and zest every bit of specialty citrus season
*What sorghum and peppermint oil have in common
*The cut just right for making corned beef in a small household

The Local Palate, November 2016
Feature: Staging at the Inn at Little Washington

Garden & Gun, June 2016
Harvest: Black Walnut Bay Sauce

The Local Palate, June 2016
Interview: Sandor Katz

Washington Post Travel, May, 2016
In Savannah, the Quest for the Perfect Biscuit

National Geographic: The Plate, April, 2016
How Syria’s Famous Aleppo Pepper Might be Saved


DIY (Washington Post Food column, ongoing)
*Homemade Granola Gifts
*The Bag inside The Bird
*How to check those holiday pies off your list: Fill and freeze.
*DIY Feta
* Stash Summer’s Best on Ice
*Lacto-fermented Pickles
*Stone Fruit Preserving
*Sausage Making
*Mango Preserving

*Mushroom Confit
*Making Mozzarella

*Pressure Canning Beans

All Recipes Magazine
DIY Mustard, Winter 2015

The Dead Poultry Society

National Geographic: The Plate
Winter is Here. Let’s Bake a Buche. December, 2015
A California Olive Oil Maker Thrives, Despite the Drought, August, 2105

America’s Most Obscure Fruit Makes Delicious Ice Cream, October, 2015
Watermelon Rind Pickles, September, 2105
Chutney: The Savory Sweet Condiment to Make Right Now, August, 2015
Make Your Peach Jam a Little Rock ‘n’ Roll, July, 2105 (with video)
Renovation Diary: When Function Leads Form, July, 2015

Garden and Gun
Chesapeake Foodways, April/May, 2015

Splendid Table with David Leite,Spring Pickling, March, 2015

The Chew with Carla Hall, Tomato Canning, January, 2015

How to Stock a Cellar (Modern Farmer, Fall, 2014)
A Field Day for Peas and Beans (Southern Living, August, 2014)

Canning Class (Washington Post Food column May – Oct., 2014)
*Just Right Strawberry Jam
*Sweet and Sour Onion Pickle
*Marinated Artichoke Hearts
*Rhubarb Mango Chutney
*Apricots in Syrup
*Green Beans with an Indian Edge
*Peachy Tomato Salsa
*Pickled Peppers Can Just Chill

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Tasting Cecina in Tepoztlan’s Marketplace
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