Cocktails and Liqueurs

tart cherries, sweet cherries and a Preserving Italy giveaway

The Northwest Cherry Growers from Washington State sent me a box of cherries. They were so delicious, I almost ate them all without preserving a single one, but I managed to set aside some for these delicious projects. Cherry Bounce. It’s a delicious cordial, George Washington’s fave tipple! It’s delicious and takes about 15 minutes to stir together and then a world of patience while it does its thing for weeks. Make it before the cherry season is gone and you’ll be serving it this fall. With all those gorgeous cherries, I turned to my good friend Domenica Marchetti’s lovely new book – PRESERVING ITALY – chock full of so many sensational recipes. It is a joy to read, Domenica’s writing is encouraging and fun, and the fabulous assortment […]

vin de noix

I first tasted Vin de Noix, green walnut wine, in a small restaurant in the Paris neighborhood Le Marais. I’ve never found the restaurant again, no matter how many narrow streets I turn down, but the taste of Vin de Noix never left me. When, several years later, I found the recipe in a small preserving book written in French on yellowed pages I did not expect several more years to pass before I could finally make it. The recipe calls for green walnuts, not a variety of walnut, but the immature nut. To make vin de noix, according to this recipe, the green nuts are picked on Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste, June 24. Nocino is the very delicious Italian version of vin de noix, and those […]

fish & bicycle, narrowsburg, ny

If you could, how would you reimagine your life? Have you daydreamed about doing something different? Following your dreams? Maybe that means being a chef or a writer or a dancer or singer. For Laura Silverman, it means co-producing a gathering spot in her Catskills hometown. Laura and I met via Food52 and I grew to know her through her blog, Glutton for Life. I’ve always admired Laura’s way with words, foods and beverages. She’s a forager, a fermenter, and a glorious photographer. Everything she does is so damn stylish. And that’s why I am thrilled to see her dream, Fish and Bicycle, moving closer to reality. Laura has teamed with Juliette Herman, the equally stylish owner of a Narrowsburg antiques business. Juliette has the […]

marmalade truths

Marmalade did not win. (shakes fist at the sky) When I was working on my book, my editor asked (more than once) why there wasn’t a marmalade recipe. It was hard to admit to her even though, a few years back, I revealed my deepest preserving secret here. Not only did I not like marmalade, I had never made it successfully. But I felt defeated. Unworthy. As a preserver, I couldn’t live with this failure. So, in January, while traveling through Texas teaching classes for the wonderful Central Market stores. (Three cheers for the fantastic people of Central Market and the welcoming Food52’ers of Austin, Texas!) I taught classes on making the most of the extraordinary fruits available during Central Market’s CITRUS FESTIVAL. Yes, a whole festival of citrus. Four pages of citrus […]

a mountain of meyer lemons. limoncello and crema di limoncello

I’ve been working through a glorious box of Meyer lemons from the Lemon Ladies. Every year, I treat myself to a box of lemons from California and their lemons are the most beautiful, floral, bright sunny yellow fruits I’ve ever seen. I made lemon possets, of course, because they’re just about the best dessert in the world. Serve with gingersnaps. I made lemon curd because it is a food of the gods. I’ve toyed with a dozen recipes for shelf stable lemon curd, but I just don’t feel good about putting dairy and eggs in a jar and canning it, even pressure canning, so I put lemon curd in the refrigerator, where it lasts about three months, or in the freezer, where it will keep […]

Winter Martinez Cocktail à la Rose’s Luxury

There is a sensational new restaurant in DC called Rose’s Luxury. It got an amazing review from the Washington Post so I was particularly delighted to go there the other night. The evening started off just right with a cocktail, the Winter Martinez. To be perfectly fair, Plymouth gin and Antica Carpana were specified and I had only Botanist ( herbal,  like Plymouth) and Dolin (upmarket, like AC) sweet vermouth. I was hoping to recreate the same happy glass of joy, even with these substitutions. The kicker in this tipple is the fig balsamic. Syrupy and sweet with a snazzy vinegar ending, it brings to mind a shrub, but winterized. Shrubs, in case you aren’t familiar, are drinking vinegars. You’ll be able to get a […]