Tomato Canning

merguez, shakshushka, and more. my fall kitchen projects.

Even if I didn’t have a calendar, I would know it was fall from the autumnal projects in the kitchen. In the market, there are pole beans and some shelling beans, a few chiles and peppers, potatoes, onions, leeks and fennel. Squashes and cauliflower. Kale and chard and spinach. The pantry is packed with jars of tomatoes and grape juice, dozens of different jams and jellies, pickles and pie fillings. For me, these weeks before Thanksgiving are full of activity. This year, instead of pushing through the last round of edits, or just back after from 22 grueling book tour days. I will be home for the holidays. I’m going to bring back some old traditions and create some new ones and I’m using the next four weeks to […]

tomato canning time

Last weekend I set out on another Iphone video adventure, this time canning tomatoes with one hand on the camera. I posted on Instagram and Facebook and the whole prep was finished in one hour. I know this is slightly crazy, and the videos are so completely amateurish and it would be better if there had been a videographer, but whatever. I’m having fun. All I want to do is encourage you to can up some tomatoes this summer and show you how easy it is. So, in a series of bouncy bumpy, goofy videos, available on Instagram and Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen on FaceBook, I’ll show you the way. I tried to load them here, but technology won and I lost. It was just too complicated. I’ve said it before and […]

ricotta & spinach stuffed shells and my dairy godmother

I’ve been making cheese for just a few years now, mostly playing with cheese that works with pasteurized, non-homogenized milk. This is the type we find in glass bottles at Whole Foods,  or from our local dairy, South Mountain Creamery. South Mountain delivers milk (as well as meat, eggs and cheese) and is a terrific choice for many households. Because I like to make fresh cheese, I convert South Mountain’s whole, cream top and even skim milk into cheeses, and make a lot of the butter we consume from their cream. But I’m getting spoiled. I’ve got a dairy godmother — I can’t reveal her identity because of ludicrous raw milk laws, DG occasionally leaves me a gift of dairy products from her lovely, well […]

tomato soup weather

It’s been a long winter of soups. I don’t know about you, but I’m about at the end of my personal soup repertoire. When this last blast of polar vortex arrived, I needed help and I turned to Domenica Marchetti for her soup savvy. Domenica is the author of The Glorious Soups and Stews of Italy, The Glorious Pastas of Italy and last year’s The Glorious Vegetables of Italy (all from Chronicle Books). Tomato soup conjurs up so many memories. For some, it’s the Campbell’s variety, sometimes made with milk.  We grow up and tomato soup gets a little more finesse.  Grilled cheese croutons on garlic laced satiny tomato broth.  Spirals of crema. Chiles as an undertone. Corn. Bacon. You recognize all those iterations, don’t you? […]

Splendid Table

Just a quick post to let you know you can find me on The Splendid Table this weekend. Lovely Lynne Rosetto Kasper interviewed me and made me feel so comfortable. Here’s the link. The interview with me starts around minute 27, but don’t miss Lynne’s reminiscences of Julia Child, David Leite on Nutella and Ted Allen. What glorious company. I’m busy in the kitchen with fifty pounds of gorgeous organic tomatoes, eight pounds of haricot verts, three pounds of mirabelle plums and a little charcutepalooza project, coming soon. xoCathy

one last tomato project. making ketchup.

It’s almost over, the canning year. Not that canning stock, making booze, and other preserving projects won’t continue, but the larder shelves are full. There are jars covering the dining room table. I’m measuring the space under the guest room bed. There’s just no more room. At least that’s what I was saying until I saw this ketchup recipe. And it is Ian Knauer‘s recipe, too. In my beloved Gourmet Magazine, Ian Knauer’s recipes and articles always delighted me. He once had lunch with my friend Janet in Tepoztlan, Mexico, so I feel very familiar – on a first name basis, even, with Ian. Food52 recently highlighted Ian’s “Genius” ribs – the photo alone made me crave ribs for days. Because this was Ian’s recipe, […]