tropical fruit preserves

Imagine Carmen Miranda’s fruit filled hat. Then imagine preserving it. That’s pretty much how it all started. There was a large display of champagne mangoes at Whole Foods. And beyond the mangoes, there was a cart, big and wooden, with a tent shaped roof. All the tropical fruits were displayed there. Coconuts, pomelo, small extremely sweet bananas, grapefruit, papaya, green skinned mangoes, melons of all sorts, blood oranges and Ugli fruit. It was like cruising the breakfast bar at Club Med. In the 1940s, when bananas were the first mass market tropical fruit imported, the famous (ear-wormish) Chiquita banana song was aired to help people learn how to eat and keep bananas. Nowhere in this jingle is there anything about making preserves, but it’s still […]

September? Already? NPR Morning Edition and Fig Lemon Thyme Confitures

Yesterday was an amazing day. NPR’s Morning Edition ran the canning story at the end of the second hour. I sat in my kitchen, nervous as I’ve ever been, waiting to hear it. I loved it. Linda Wertheimer took four hours of cooking and chatting and pulled together a cohesive, charming tale of canning. And I think it did a lot to dispel the notion that canning is onerous. I’ll admit that hearing my own voice on the radio was a bit of a shock. When did I start sounding so much like my mother? Or my brother? But when I got over all the self-critical stuff, I was really happy. I knew traffic would be up here on the blog, but never in a […]