strawberry festival

Around the mid-Atlantic, strawberries are abundant and delicious right now. I’m a big fan of strawberry jam and have written about it here several times, so rather than start from scratch, it’s throwback strawberry time and links to my favorite strawberry preserves pieces over the years. I kicked off canning season with strawberry preserves (and all the instructions for canning, too.) I sing the praises of first crop strawberries. The strawberry jam cook-along was hilarious and a ton of fun. You’ll find my recipes in the New York Times and the Washington Post. And  this year, on June 2, I’ll be teaching a class on strawberry jam at the Smithsonian (a few spaces are still available). Yeah. I kinda love strawberries. Now that I’ve pointed you in all the right directions for strawberry […]


chive blossom vinegar

I’ve been on the road and came home to a blooming plant and I thought I have to tell EVERYONE to make chive blossom vinegar. Listen up. Make this pretty vinegar today. Today! Because chive blossoms only come once a year and this little jar of goodness will take awhile to develop and you will want it. You will want it on spring garden greens, the tender mesclun, the bright Bibb lettuce heads. All those good greens are coming or are already at your farmers market. For those of us in the mid-Atlantic and further South, the tender greens can’t take the heat, so they’re not around for long. Just like those chive blossoms. With all the travel, I’m feeling a little frazzled and hectic. […]

Ms. Wheelbarrow 2_4.indd

BIG BOOK NEWS, traveling to Chicago & Madison and a springtime tortilla

Before I tell you all about my fabulous trip to Chicago and Madison. Before I give you a delicious springtime recipe, I must tell you the wonderful thing my publisher has done. They’ve put the kindle version of my book on sale for $2.99. (They want you to see the book and so do I. And of course we all hope you’ll come back for the hardcover.) CLICK HERE: This sale may end at any time. I’m thrilled it’s just in time for Mother’s Day. When I spend a little time in the midwest there is an interesting sense of familiarity. Dennis agreed. It’s  hard to define what is so familiar, specifically. The sounds of certain words and the unique vowel tones, the landscape and the lake shores and the […]


award winning

Affirmation is good for the soul. Really good. I am just beginning to come down from a thoroughly affirming weekend with colleagues and friends. It was wonderful from the get-go to attend the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) Conference. Terrific sessions, great fun seeing old friends and putting faces to on-line pals, but receiving the Single Subject Cookbook Award completely put it over the top. Over. The Top. It was my fourth trip to the podium, having picked up three of the awards for Food52, as my pal and fellow winner, Kristen Miglore asked me. I did fear there was a very good chance of “always a bridesmaid, never the bride”. But wow. And guess who announced my win? Yes, that’s right. He’s Aussie. He’s 6’5″. […]


lemon meringue pie

My mother told a pie story frequently. She was a young bride. She decided to make a lemon meringue pie. With her Sunbeam mixer on high, she whipped egg whites in the milky glass bowl. A pinch of cream of tartar and showers of sugar. She piled the meringue in the center of the pie and popped it in the oven. It emerged beautiful with bronzed tips on tall peaks. She set the pie on a rack to cool. When she returned to the kitchen, the meringue had shrunk to the size of a hockey puck, and the same distinctive consistency. She whipped more whites and baked it again. Again, it shrank to nothing. The third time, she began to understand. Make sure the meringue touches the […]