on the way to blogher food

Never did I think this would be the suitcase I would pack to go to my first Blogher conference! I am excited, terrified, anxious and thrilled to be heading to Atlanta tomorrow morning. Kim and I, and Sean from Punk Domestics, will be doing a little sausage making demonstration and Charcutepalooza party on Saturday at 2:30, so if you’re there, please come to the session! We’ve been plotting and planning for months, and the folks at Blogher have helped us out with kitchen access, meat sourcing and more, so hats off to Jennifer Morris and the whole Blogher team. And big big big shout out to KitchenAid (and Jessica) for generously providing mixers and sausage stuffers and grinders.  We couldn’t have done any of this […]


charcutepalooza june challenge. stuffing.

With this post, we’re officially halfway through the Year of Meat. Amazing, isn’t it? You’ve  worked your way through the basic skills of charcuterie – salt curing, brining, smoking and grinding. And with this month’s Stuffing challenge, the basics will be complete. This month, you’ll be making sausage links. Working with casings is a little tricky, and you’ll be glad you learned all about grinding meats last month. As so many of you have pointed out in your excellent posts, making sausage leads naturally to exploring different cuisines. Nearly every culture adds ground meat, spices and herbs to create some form of sausage. We encourage you to continue to explore spicing this month. For the Apprentice Challenge, please make Italian pork sausage links. For the […]


pickled asparagus – no regrets (and a soup recipe, too)

Asparagus season is here. You think it will last forever, but then, suddenly, it will be gone. So, don’t hesitate. Make these pickled spears. They are the perfect addition to a Bloody Mary. They are so delicious that opening a jar is dangerous. It will be gone in a flash. And if you have only made three jars, you will become a hoarder. I know this from experience. These pickles are the easiest thing in the world. If you want to put them on the shelf for later, you’ll need to can them in a boiling water bath. But you can also put them in the refrigerator and they’re ready in just 24 hours. I prefer the very thin asparagus for pickling, and I never […]


strawberry mint jam with pomona pectin

It’s Mother’s Day weekend. The weekend I kick off canning for the season. From now until the middle of November, I’ll be canning at least one day a week, putting up preserves in these early months, fruits of all sorts. Moving on to pickles. Finishing with tomatoes and apples. It’s exciting and daunting all at the same time. My pantry is dwindling. I’m counting jars of tomatoes and wondering if I can make it to August tomato season. I’m starting with strawberries. Last year, I kicked off the season with the same jam. I adore this minty fruity jam with a tiny little kick. It’s perfect paired with fresh cheese, like ricotta, fromage blanc or fresh chevre. From Good to the Grain (congratulations to Kim […]


Duckathlon VI – D’Artagnan’s Hot Ticket

Duckathon? What’s that, you say? One of the best kept secrets in the NYC restaurant and food world! And the best time I’ve had in ages. A party like you’ve never seen before, unless you happen to reside in a village in the southwest of France. From what I’ve googled, festivals of silly events make up a good part of the summertime fun in Gascony. Leave it to the brilliant, charming Ariane Daguin to bring that joie de vivre to these shores. Ariane owns D’Artagnan, a sponsor of Charcutepalooza, and the leading purveyor of all-natural and organic meats (as well as charcuterie, wild mushrooms and truffles!) I was so thrilled to be invited to the 6th Annual D’Artagnan Duckathlon last weekend. As the invitation said, […]


the garden greets summer

Early Spring is turning quickly to early Summer. At least by the thermometer – April, temps in the 80’s? Jeepers. The tree peonies are in full bloom – thrilling and brief. It’s said they add a bloom a year, such that the 100+ year old tree peonies found in China are heavy with blossom. I won’t live long enough to see that, but the white one is 10 years old now. Matching the tree peonies in enthusiasm, camellias are full of blooms. After the squirrels devoured every bud last year, I’m incredibly happy to gaze at this beauty from my breakfast room. The clematis montana on the fence is finally filling in, as is the one I trained to grow up a heavy chain. Fabulous, […]