charcutepalooza partners with food52

Here we go again! Kim and I have even more thrilling news. Food52, that fabulously cool online community of home cooks, has asked Charcutepalooza to partner with them. They’ll be featuring the Charcutepalooza challenge posts from me and the best of the blogs round up posts from Kim, and whatever else we might get ourselves into, as the year goes along. What’s certain is that we’re honored and thrilled. Check out the nice welcome we got from Amanda Hesser, Merrill Stubbs and all the other clever elves behind the scenes. (We got to meat them all last week! We brought bacon, pancetta and duck proscuitto, of course.) So click on over to Food52 to see what a nice place they’ve got. You’ll find weekly contests, […]

winter. again.

Two Mondays have passed with meatless meals on our table and the camera and keyboard left idle. I’ve been busy, really too busy to have time to play in the kitchen, so I am relying on my favorite standby meals. Last week, we enjoyed Split Pea Soup, one of our favorite weeknight meals, with a loaf of foccacia and some cookies, this soup makes for a satisfying, filling, winter-ready meal in under an hour. Yes, the cookies, too. (The focaccia can be made at breakfast, given a cool rise in the fridge, and cooked off in that same hour.) Yesterday, with threats of more dreadful weather on the way, I turned to the freezer, where I found blanched chopped spinach and oven roasted tomato sauce. […]


charcutepalooza just keeps getting better

It has been so hard to keep this secret from all of you. We’re in tomorrow’s Washington Post. The Food Section. O. M. G. It just went online now. Yes, that’s me, and that’s Kim, and we’re in my kitchen making bacon. And pancetta. And pasta. Bonnie Benwick has written a great piece and we’re just over the moon. Click here to see more photos and the recipe I cooked up. With or without peas. Okay, so that’s totally amazing, right? You’d think that would be enough. But there’s more. A lot more. A First Rate Source D’Artagnan, the single best online source for humanely raised meats, wants to join the party, too. They’ll be offering a 25% discount for the meats-of-the-month to participating Charcutepaloozers. […]


marmalade 1. cathy 0.

Meyer lemon marmalade. Sounds fantastic, right? I don’t know if it’s the marmalade or the day long job of making it, but I’m not a fan. It took a long time to peel the lemons, remove the seeds, chop the pulp, food process the pulp. There were resting periods I hadn’t counted on. I should have read the recipe more carefully, but I just jumped in. Life is a little busy. I’m going in a million directions. But there was this bowl of lemons. And I’ve got lemon curd, and limoncello, and preserved lemons. The only lemon I didn’t have was marmalade, something I’ve promised myself I would make. I chopped and blanched and stirred. I heated it slowly, very slowly, seeking the magic 220° […]


Winnie’s Pho.

If for no other reason, make this soup for the way it will make your house smell. Seriously. It should be a diptych candle. Winnie, the quiet cook from New Paltz with the seriously brilliant blog, Healthy Green Kitchen, is another of the home cook bloggers I’ve met through Food52. Before Food52, and their lively online community of home cooks, I expressed myself, creativity and intellectually, alone in my own kitchen. I certainly had friends who cooked, but no one with the lunacy to make a cake twelve times until it was perfect. Or chop ten pounds of onions just to learn to dice and mince and brunoise. Or figure out how to recreate a restaurant meal. Or put up food in jars, for heaven’s […]


Charcutepalooza February Challenge. The Salt Cure.

Wow, there are a lot of you jumping on the meat-wagon. (Deadline for inclusion on the blog roll is February 1, 2011.) Kim and I are so happy to have so much support for our Year of Meat. I’ve made some changes to accommodate the enormous response – check out the pull down menu at the top of this page – that’s where you’ll find all the Charcutepalooza information for the rest of the year. Thanks go out to the amazing, brilliant, WordPress designer, Barb (@VinoLuci on Twitter,) who helped us figure it all out. Kim and I were over the moon when Michael Ruhlman gave us a little link-love on his blog, and, behind the scenes, took the time to review and comment on […]