award winning

Affirmation is good for the soul. Really good. I am just beginning to come down from a thoroughly affirming weekend with colleagues and friends. It was wonderful from the get-go to attend the IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) Conference. Terrific sessions, great fun seeing old friends and putting faces to on-line pals, but receiving the Single Subject Cookbook Award completely put it over the top. Over. The Top. It was my fourth trip to the podium, having picked up three of the awards for Food52, as my pal and fellow winner, Kristen Miglore asked me. I did fear there was a very good chance of “always a bridesmaid, never the bride”. But wow. And guess who announced my win? Yes, that’s right. He’s Aussie. He’s 6’5″. […]


lemon meringue pie

My mother told a pie story frequently. She was a young bride. She decided to make a lemon meringue pie. With her Sunbeam mixer on high, she whipped egg whites in the milky glass bowl. A pinch of cream of tartar and showers of sugar. She piled the meringue in the center of the pie and popped it in the oven. It emerged beautiful with bronzed tips on tall peaks. She set the pie on a rack to cool. When she returned to the kitchen, the meringue had shrunk to the size of a hockey puck, and the same distinctive consistency. She whipped more whites and baked it again. Again, it shrank to nothing. The third time, she began to understand. Make sure the meringue touches the […]


five days to corned beef. just do it.

Yes, Saint Patrick’s day is coming up. And yes, this is the time of year when it’s all corned beef all the time. Let me tell you a secret. I was a bartender in college; it ruined March 17th forever. I do remain a corned beef fan, however. I had never even thought to make my own corned beef before Charcutepalooza but once I realized how EASY it is, I never turned back. Perhaps you’ve purchased the pre-brined corned beef in the store? Just stop that right now. I’m telling you that homemade is going to be from better meat, it’s going to take the same amount of work, and it will cost less and taste a million times better. Find a brisket from a nice farmer. It’s a […]

raspberry chocolate star

The Bake Off: Canelé, Caramel Tart, Chocolate Raspberry Star and a Giveaway

It’s been icy, snowy, cold and not at all hospitable. I baked all weekend, because nothing says happy like the smell of baked goods in the oven. I wobbled through my first experience with canelé. I made a sensational and surprisingly simple caramel chocolate tart. And then I baked for Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry. Two days of baking. Thousands of calories. Highs and lows. It was a dramatic three days in the kitchen. I’ve long been a canelé fan but once I tasted an official canelé in their Bordeaux birthplace, I was a goner.  [I thank Kate Hill for this education, in addition to all my porky-knowledge.]   This little sweet packs a punch. It’s got everything I’ve ever wanted in a pastry.There’s that crackly crunchy caramel crust, rich […]


our rib sticking breakfast: polenta, egg and cheese

This morning, I was feeling particularly clever as I assembled polenta cakes, a brown butter fried egg and shavings of excellent cheese into a breakfast we needed to face the day. It starts the night before, so serve polenta tonight with your favorite braise. Make extra. Tomorrow, fashion it into griddle cakes. Fry them hard in a hot pan with grapeseed oil. Salt and Pepper. In another pan, brown some butter. Use good butter. I used my homemade butter which browns beautifully. Fry a stunning egg, perhaps a pale green beauty from Painted Hand Farm. Salt and Pepper. Shower it all with a ridiculous amount of Pecorino shaved with a vegetable peeler into long ribbons. Dive in. Think about adding sautéed mushrooms. Or a layer of flash fried pea shoots. Or some of last […]