The Sponsors

Charcutepalooza wouldn’t be as fabulous without these wonderful companies and the people behind them. They’ve been incredibly generous with all of us, this whole community of meat-crazed home-curers. They’ll be with us all year long. Show them some love.

D’Artagnan – find them on Twitter @DArtagnan_Inc
D’Artagnan is, quite simply, the finest source and leading purveyor of natural, organic and humanely-raised meats,  foie gras, pates, sausages, smoked delicacies,  game and poultry in the nation. They have generously offered all Charcutepalooza participants a 25% discount on the meaty products needed to make the charcuterie of the month.  Each participant will receive a secret promotional code by email every month.  This code will work on phone or website orders for one month only. If you are not receiving your secret code, please contact me and I’ll make sure you are on the email list.


Kate Hill and Camont – find her on Twitter @KatedeCamont
Camont is Kate Hill’s culinary retreat in the heart of Gascogne, teaching field-to-fork gastronomy. Kate’s offered a place in one of her butchering classes as our grand prize. These prestigious programs are available year round, all with a seasonal and regional focus. Meet the farmers, butchers, charcutieres; market then cook and enjoy great Gascon food in the old stone kitchen, with good Gascon wine. You’ll learn traditional French techniques for charcuterie in the place where many say charcuterie was first elevated to an artform.

Trufflepig – find them on Twitter @the_sounder
Trufflepig is a tiny travel company with a great big snout. Planning custom trips around the world, they’re master-chefs in the art of connecting the traveller to the truffle. With a rich pedigree of both inventive foody trip-planning and endless pig-based-puns to bring to the table, a more perfect fit for the Charcutepalooza travel bonanza could hardly have been invented.

The classic domain d’Armagnac, La Maison Castarede, nestled in the Gascon hills not far from Camont. The lovely proprietress, Florence Casterede has extended her hospitality to the Grand Prize winner, offering a tour of the Chateau. Their expansive hospitality extends to the Cocktail Party in Paris, where they will provide Armagnac. Thank you thank you from all of us!

Kinetic Webs LLC
Find her on Twitter – @CreativCulinary
Barb has tirelessly answered questions from two techno-dorks and helped us incorporate what we needed for Charcutepalooza on the web. We love her. She’s incredibly talented with WordPress and did the design for this blog without laughing once at my ignorance. Website development for a living but food blogging for fun at Creative Culinary where she has discovered a new found love after curing her own maple bourbon bacon!