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a year of charcuterie

Sometimes, the most amazing things happen in the world of Twitter.

It’s a quiet Sunday morning. I’ve got holiday baking all wrapped up. There are other special things I’ll be cooking between now and the first of the year, but it’s a much more relaxed pace in Mrs. Wheelbarrow’s Kitchen today.

boudin blanc with rabbit and veal

So, over a second French press pot of coffee, I was chattering with friends on Twitter – talking charcuterie, cool garage spaces, and so on – and somehow the idea emerged – let’s make charcuterie together.

the start of duck confit

I’m hereby declaring 2011 The Year of Charcuterie. What Kim called #Charcutepalooza11 (note the hashtag, Twitter users!)

We’re going to start with Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman.

It’s a great book (and if you order it through my blog, I’ll actually get some Amazon credits!)

And for January, we’ll be making Duck Proscuitto. (pp54-55)

some mad butchering skills, right?

It’s an 8 day process. Requires duck breast, either fresh or frozen. And somewhere to cure the proscuitto where the temperatures hover between 50° and 60°F. My garage is perfect for this. Buy a thermometer if you’re not sure.

If you want to play along, please post your experiences on January 15th and send me a link. I’ll do a round up of all the posts in the week following the 15th.

pork rillette

Are you game? (haha – little pun there) I think it will be great fun. We can spend the year making cured meats, sausages, jerky, terrines, pates and all the other tasty goodies that Ruhlman outlines in his book.

In the meantime, I’ll try to figure out all the details of a year long project like this.